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Prof. Pradeep Vavia has a vast research experience and worked closely with many industries, helping them to develop a numbers of value added generic and novel formulations for various markets. Based on his vast industry collaboration, he was awarded U.P. Government National Award for an outstanding work done in the area of interaction with Industries in 2005. He is also recipient of most prestigious awards “COSAT (Corporate of Science and Technology) Award” of Johnson & Johnson, USA in 2001.

He maintains a vast network with the Pharmaceutical Industry and has successfully collaborated with industries like Bayer, Unichem, BASF, Rusan Pharma, Kusum Healthcare (Ukraine), Dr. Reddys Labs, Themis Healthcare, Goldshield (UK), Mega Life Sciences (Thailand), Johnson and Johnson (USA) to name a few. He has served as a Consultant and an Advocate for the Academia-Industry collaboration over 2 decades and has provided ad-hoc consultancies to various National and MNCs.

His area of expertise includes solid oral dosage forms, transdermal formulations and injectable formulations. Many conventional, sustained and delayed release formulations have been transferred to industries in India and abroad. His research interest is also in development of novel formulations for many infectious disease, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.Many patents have been filed by Prof. Vavia for the platform technologies.

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Professor Vavia has developed indigenous transdermal patch of Fentanyl (Fenstud) by using Silicon based pressure sensitive adhesive for Rusan Pharma. This patch is most economical as compared to other Fentanyl patches manufactured by various multinational companies in India. Indian Patent (1595/MUM/2009) is also filed for the platform technology. Product was developed at ICT and scaled-up at Rusan Pharma’s facility and launched in India and other countries. This patches are recommended in case of sever pain to cancer patients.


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Professor Vavia’s research team has developed a novel fixed dose combination tablet for immediate release Acarbose and sustained release Metformin (Glucobay M50 and Glucobay M25). These are technologically unique combination tablet formulations and only combination in the world market developed in collaboration with scientists from Bayer Germany.


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Kusum Healthcare Ltd. is one of the oldest industry partner for whom Prof. Vavia and his research team has developed more than 25 formulations. Many Conventional tablets, fixed dose combination tablet, sustain release formulations, delayed release formulations, solutions, suspensions and injectable formulations have been developed and successfully transferred for production. These Products are marketed in Ukraine.



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